Holly Pelesky

I suppose I could use this page as a place to collect and display all of my writing, like an online curio cabinet.


  • “Quiver” — a chapbook of poems released by Picture Show Press  5/19

Creative Non-Fiction

  • “The Pet We Never Shared” An essay on the despair I orbited around in the fall of 2005, after I placed my daughter up for adoption and moved to the Midwest. How it felt in my furniture-less apartment when I was empty.
  • “Pooled in Ripples A micro essay on the tracks my daughter left on my body.
  • “Mouth” An essay on what I didn’t say before now, on how you can hold a secret in your mouth for years and years if you believe you have to.
  • “About Chains” A letter to my daughter in which I muddle through the emotional distance from my own mother. An exploration of the tension between mothers & daughters; a reflection on how the choices we make wedge space between us.
    • You can also hear me read it on this podcast
  • “Scorch” a prose poem on the month of July, when my daughter once swelled my belly until she emerged.
  • “Bra Cabbage” is in issue 50 of Ruminate about the days right after my daughter’s birth, when my milk came in.
  • “The Days of our Growing” In the summer of 2005, I held my daughter inside of me. This is a letter to her describing the simple days of ours, when I outgrew my home and she outgrew my womb.
  • “Now That I’m Being Honest” on the ability to make a choice.
  • “Genesis” a collection of vignettes where I follow my life through video games.
  • “Unzipped Skins” is about the bodies I’ve worn; what they looked like on and off me.





That’s enough self-promotion. Go read my friends’ work on the other pages. They’re all so talented and smart and fun. Seriously, if only you saw our group chat.