Kiley Lee

Writing is not something I’m qualified to do. It has never paid my bills, and I suspect it never will. I do not hold any fancy degrees, titles, or awards, and I am used to being passed over and underestimated. I do not write for the academic world, as I suppose I’d have nothing interesting to say anyway.

I write for the future. Maybe someone calls their mother because of reading my poem. Maybe someone holds their partner closer. Maybe someone begins to write. That would be my greatest honor, to hear someone say, “Because of you…”

About 90% of my writing is free verse poetry. I have a terrible problem with authority, so rigid rules have never been a favorite of mine. I’m also perpetually curious, and it’s lead me to many fine poets and writing styles over the years. I love language, and I am always learning.

My poems are simple. I hope on the page.

List of Publications:

Ghost City Review:
“Burning Front Porch Appalachia”, January 2019
“Looney Birds Blooming”, May 2019
“Thoughts on being Giorgio A. Tsoukalos”, October 2019

Animal Heart Press Featured Artist Series, April 2019:
— (“Which Half is Mine?”)
Poetry & Art, Part I
— (“The Sweet Singer” & “Burning Front Porch Appalachia”)
Poetry & Photography
— (“The Significance of a Sunrise” & “I Moved Away to Love You”)
Interview w/Amanda McLeod
Poetry & Art, Part II
— (“I’ll Take It” & “Give Them Flowers <3”)
Notecard Poetry, Round I
Notecard Poetry, Round II

Mojave He[art] Review:
“Down by the River”, March 2019

Marias at Sampaguitas:
“The Next State Over” & “The Sweet Singer”, March 2019

Anti-Heroin Chic:
“I Remember the Chapel View”, December 2018

The Wombwell Rainbow:
“Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Kiley Lee”, August, 2019

Memoir Mixtapes Song Recommendations:
“Wooden Heart by Listener”, June 2019