Tianna G. Hansen

Welcome to my page, I’m Tianna. Thanks for joining us at The Legend City Collective! I write in all styles and forms; a current favorite is prose poetry. My writing usually incorporates something personal. I got into writing creative nonfiction (CNF) a while back and I’ve been hooked since. Much of my writing focuses on being a woman, witchcraft, and goddesses — finding strength in powerful women to help overcome trauma.

That’s what my debut collection Undone, Still Whole (to be reprinted) evokes. This being said, please take care when reading my work as 824D21BA-F93E-4033-A6C8-C5CF050F5566much of it deals with pain in the aftermath of trauma, but also finding empowerment and recovery. No matter what you’ve survived through, there is always a light at the end of the darkness. There is always a way to feel whole again, to reclaim what was lost or stolen from you. You are an ever-shifting being, on the brink of discovery with each new day. I encourage you not to give up, despite your struggles. I’ve battled with mental illness (severe manic depression and anxiety) my whole life, and now I battle my PTSD and trauma triggers daily. I try to advocate and speak up about this as much as possible, to show my vulnerability in hopes of helping others. To encourage you to speak up about it, too.

My newest project is an ongoing werewolf collection, where I explore the reclamation of my body and self in the transformation into wolf form. I’m hoping this book might find a loving home in 2020, and you can find some published wolf pieces below under recent publications. I’ve also started a mood board featuring poems & pictures inspired by this collection on Instagram.

My poems were nominated three times for Best of the Net 2019:

“cherry consent” by Yes, Poetry

“starvation” by Fevers of the Mind

“unearthing” by Moonchild Mag

When not writing, I work on editing and running my small press / lit mag Rhythm & Bones Press, focused on the idea of turning trauma into art and creating a safe place and community in support of survivors.

Our June 2019 release was my first collaboration with two other poets, a dark fantasy poetic opera called A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony. (Some excerpts from my character in the book, The Firebird, were published at Moonchild Mag: “As You Become the Firebird,” “Imagine: Dancing Solo,” & “The Firebird is Born”, Issue 5 July 2019).

Check out all the books published at R&B — you won’t be disappointed.

Issue Three of Dark Marrow (co-edited with Paul Rowe).


Some of my recent publications (find more at my website):

“ginger snaps” at Ghost City Review (December 15, 2019)

“cold as steel at Mookychick (November 18, 2019)

“linger”, “dark things I”, “maleficent” at Neon Mariposa Mag ‘The Haunting’ issue (October 31, 2019)

“To the doe, rotting” at Elephants Never (October 28, 2019)

“becoming the wolf,”werewolf bones”, blood & chocolate, “more wolf than woman“, “when I am the hunted”, “Red” at Truly U Review (October 27, 2019)

“candy floss” at Elephants Never (September 30, 2019)


Recommended readings I love:

Nadia Gerassimenko’s book “at the water’s edge”

“This is How You Leave Him” by Holly Pelesky (Monkeybicycle)

“panikos the sailor” by C. Aloysius Mariotti (Anti-Heroin Chic Mag)

“Vagabond Mannequin” by K.B. Carle (Jellyfish Review)

“Nyx” by Marisa Silva (Pussy Magic)

“This is a Trans Poem about Swans” by Danielle Rose (Pigeonholes, “Body”)

“The Hollow Where His Heart Would Be” by Cathy Ulrich (The Forge Lit Mag)


Recommended musics:

Cult of Ulysses

FKA Twigs


Recommended arts:

Jane Fleming’s collages



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or my press on Twitter / IG / FB.





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